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 Go Straight to the Whisky Highland Index (Last entry is Q1 2014). For further  updates go to Rare Whisky 101).


Find out more at Rare Whisky 101.


Firstly......putting your money into anything where the expectation is a gain in value carries inherent risks. As with shares, art, wine and indeed any collectable, the price of whisky can go down as well as up. If you are interested in whisky as an alternative investment the aim is clearly to minimise those risks by understanding the investment.


Investment principles

(1) The first, and indeed main thing you need is a passion for whisky. If the market ever crashes at least you'll still have a great drink as consolation!

(2) The second is patience! Whilst short term gains are possible, whisky should be viewed as a long term investment. 10 to 20 years is usual.

(3) NEVER invest what you cannot afford to lose.

(4) Understand the market inside and out. You wouldn't invest in a company you hadn't researched. The same principles apply with whisky.


 View the IGS (Investment Grade        Scotch) Indices for the top performing  bottles of single malt Scotch. See Rare Whisky 101 for more...




 View the negative IGS (Investment    Grade Scotch) Indices for the worst    performing bottles of single malt Scotch. See Rare Whisky 101 for more...


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There are many other factors to bear in mind when collecting or investing in whisky.